Konstantinos Vythoulkas

  • 1974-1986: Primary and High School student in Zakynthos.
  • 1987: Admitted in the Medical School of Ioannina after passing the Greek National Examinations.
  • 1987-1993: Student in the Ioannina Medical School and graduation.
  • 1994: Serving his military service in the Air Force as an army doctor.
  • 1995: Rural doctor at the Regional Clinic of Volimes, Zakynthos.
  • 1996-1998: Salaried Assistant Surgery Doctor, initially in the Konstantinopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia-Patisia, and then in the Hospital of Zakynthos.
  • 1999-2003: Salaried Assistant Doctor in the Maternity and Gynaecology Clinic of the “Aghios Andreas” Hospital in Patra, as well as in the University Gynaecological and Maternity Clinic in Essen, Germany (Universitäts - Frauenklinik Essen, professor Adolf E. Schindler).
  • 2003: Diploma of specialisation as an Obstertician and Gynaecologist.
  • 2003: Acquired his certification of competency in the use of ultrasounds in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, from the Central Health Council of Greece, after examinations.
  • 2005: Certification of competency in the prenatal check-up, in the nuchal translucency scan, from the Fetal Medicine Foundation in London (professor Kypros Nicolaides). The certification is renewed annually, after the examination of the doctor’s competency.  
  • 2007: Acquirement of the ALSO Diploma (competency of managing medical emergencies in the field of Obstetrics).
  • Since 2005, I constantly attend, at least twice a year, conferences held abroad, principally in the field of ultrasounds.